Personal data owners defined as the person concerned in the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 ("PDP Law") (hereinafter referred to as the "Applicant") have been granted the right to make certain requests regarding the processing of their personal data in Article 11 of the PDP Law. . Pursuant to the first paragraph of Article 13 of the PDP Law; The applications to be made to our company, which is the data controller, regarding these rights must be submitted to us in person, in Turkish in writing and by the following methods determined by the Personal Data Protection Board ("Board").

Information is in the below on how to deliver written applications to us.

In accordance with the Communiqué on the Procedures and Principles of Application to the Data Controller (O.G. dated 10/03/2018 and numbered 30356), the following information must be included in the applications.

Information To Be Filled During The Application:

- Name, surname and signature if application is in writing,    

- For citizens of the Republic of Turkey T. R. identification number, nationality for foreigners, passport number or identification number, if any,

- Place of residence or workplace address for notification,

- If available, notification e-mail address, telephone and fax number,

- Demand Subject

In addition, information and documents related to the subject are attached to the application.

If you want to make an application regarding your personal data, the application form below must be filled in completely. This application form has been prepared in order to determine your relationship with our Company, to determine your personal data processed by our Company, if any, and to respond to your application in a correct and legal time. Our Company reserves the right to request additional documents and information (identity card or driver's license copy etc.) In the event that the information regarding your requests submitted within the scope of the form is not accurate and up-to-date or an unauthorized application is made, our Company does not accept any liability for requests arising from such false information or unauthorized application.

Your applications submitted to us will be answered in writing free of charge within thirty days at the latest from the date of receipt of your request in accordance with the 2nd paragraph of Article 13 of the PDP Law. However, in cases where a written answer is given, no fee will be charged up to ten pages, and a transaction fee (1 TL) determined by the Board will be charged for each page exceeding ten pages.


Click here for Personal Data Application Form.