What is the Commonality Between Authority Management and the Faraday Cage?

What is the Commonality Between Authority Management and the Faraday Cage?


The Faraday Cage, which prevents the penetration of electromagnetic fields, protects sensitive electronic equipment from external radio frequency interference. If you opened and tampered with a radio or mobile phone, you must have seen a metal box on the circuit. This box is called the Faraday Cage. The electromagnetic noise in the device does not interfere with other circuits' operations within Faraday Cage. Similarly, the authorization also must be protected from external or internal interventions, just like the Faraday Cage. At this point, Privileged Access Management becomes essential.

To better visualize this analogy in your mind, think of all the privileged accounts you have - system administrators and software developers, your business partners, the accounts you open for outsiders, such as contractors. Consider where they are all located and who can access what data, and consider how much the technology you use can manage these privileges and whether you are at risk.

We must pretend to protect privileged credentials, shared accounts, forms of authentication, the fragmented network zone with a shield and make sure it is not misused. These features are essential for authorization management. When you build a zone for authorization management and define an area, even outside your firewall, you can exclude possible interference and create a safe environment.

Here, depending on these authorization ranges, you should consider the Faraday Cage, which protects the Authority Management from abuse. Architectures, security-related applications, VPN access, 2FA, MFA, reverse proxies, and vulnerability management are the conductive materials you will use to create a cage around your authorization management solution. It would help if you had the right protection for this work that you cannot run independently. As a result, you will have media with privileged credentials for all of your vast resources.

Because we do not want to encounter situations such as improper tampering of passwords, risking the authentication reports of privileged passwords. Failure to do so may result in improper privilege requests, malicious user behavior, and tampering with confidential authentication records. The privilege management area should be interference-free and secure.

If you want to learn more about Authorization Management and learn the most accurate solutions to protect your expanded area, take a look at the solutions of BeyondTrust, one of NSS's business partners. BeyondTrust offers the reliable applications you need with reference architectures designed in the form of a Faraday Cage, where you can create a safe zone that will help you reduce the risk and do not require any liability for your company.