Cyber ​​Security Against Insider Threats

Cyber ​​Security Against Insider Threats


Information Technologies

While the expansion and diversification of information tools lead to the rapid growth of the IT industry and user companies, the latest technological trends also bring costs. Updating and modernizing the applications used due to the increase in companies' workload may weaken data loss protection measures.

What About Traditional DLP and Cyber ​​Security Tools?

We have to admit that cybersecurity tools that include traditional DLP solutions that are not designed for modern data management are inadequate today. The two essential facts, 'Big Data' and 'Cloud Technologies,' have caused the old DLP approaches to become obsolete.

 Big Data

The number of companies using the power of Big Data has been increasing exponentially recently. Therefore, the enormous content produced revealed the need for new methods of data management. Despite this, many organizations turn to inappropriate applications without thinking about the security issue instead of DLP solutions. Gartner's recent report explained that these inadequate data management and storage practices cause companies to fail to manage the enormous amount of data they have correctly. 

Cloud Technologies

Cloud technologies are no longer a daunting issue as before and have become a mainstream solution. But this technological leap brought with it various difficulties. The factors that made cloud technologies attractive for modern companies also raised more responsibility for data protection. The ability to access information stored in the cloud from any location and extract and retrieve information also increased corporate data risks.

 Why Data Protection Inadequate for Today's Data Environment?

Managing data environments today requires managing a large number of resources. This challenge causes traditional cybersecurity solutions such as UAM, UBA, and DLP, focusing on statistical classification and analysis rather than data protection, to be ineffective in managing insider threats or data breaches.

 GTB's Data Protection That WorksTM

Considering the sector's realities, GTB eliminates the difficulties of data management with the solutions it offers. With an artificial intelligence approach, GTB solutions that enable systems to learn and match the network save users from connecting to other platforms for tedious IT processes. The Smart DLP solution's precision allows system administrators to focus directly on their work, avoiding wasting time with errors and false positives.