Don't Waste Your Budget, Start Using New Generation NAC Solutions with Cloud Technology!

Don't Waste Your Budget, Start Using New Generation NAC Solutions with Cloud Technology!


Does it worry you that the old technology NAC solution (Network Access Control) you use regularly creates extra costs?

As we approach the end of the year, many companies realize the cost increase in their annual budgets caused by the old solutions. Some CIOs and CISOs are aware of this increase caused by maintenance and software updates can be prevented by using cloud technologies and will gain operational efficiency. In this case, you may want to have a new generation, cloud-based, and cost advantage NAC solution to stop your old technology NAC solution that always produces extra expenses.

When you examine the total cost of NAC technologies based on the published calculation methods, you can observe that the following headings create high costs:

• Purchasing a Server

• Data Centers

• Equipment

• Software

• Electronic Devices

• Application / Transaction Costs

• Education Costs

• HR Costs

• Customer Support

• Software Updates and Improvements

Unfortunately, these items put pressure on corporate financing and cash flow and can underestimate other critical investments. Whereas in a cloud environment, the cost is generally considered as a monthly operating expense. This defined expense, which does not require making long-term commitments, does not strain the company budget and allows cash reserves for new business and investments.

Cloud solutions significantly reduce many operating expenses, from equipment investment to overhead expenses such as floor space, heating-cooling, and personnel expenses required to support NAC. It also saves time for IT teams, allowing them to focus on more value-added projects and increase their efficiency and profitability. More importantly, CIOs or CISOs do not need to spend much effort and time on due diligence or strategy planning; they can continue their work more efficiently.

Switch to the cloud-based new generation NAC system and benefit from all these advantages...

You can control the cost advantages you will gain by using NAC from the cloud yourself, with the easy-to-use cost calculator without having to consult anyone's expertise or knowledge.