Device Lasting - How To Choose The Right NAC Solution?

Device Lasting - How To Choose The Right NAC Solution?


We will not talk about a cowboys game in which we try to catch an animal that we have difficulty distinguishing from the others in a herd scattered all over. But we will touch upon such a complex and challenging to analyze the situation. Some things will come to life in the minds of network administrators when it comes to roping. Controlling companies' network access sometimes means 'herding' countless individual devices that are unpredictable and difficult to distinguish.

Many managers who are experts in the subject complain about this situation. Many companies have had difficulties implementing a network-based access control (NAC) solution and maintaining a sustainable work environment. Some may not want to engage in a new search or proposal evaluation, although there is a severe need to update existing solutions.

NAC solutions are sure to exist forever. Also, device-to-device networks with BYOD and IoT applications have made these solutions more necessary than ever. Companies are now aware that the workload piled up on IT administrators is too high as they try to combine productivity with security by allowing authorized and secure devices.

According to Grand View Research, the NAC market is growing by 30.2% annually over the next six years. Increasing demands for manageable, accurate feedback are driving companies to innovative NAC solutions. Why shouldn't your company be among the companies that invest in NAC solutions that can bring all devices together? When you discuss the values ​​that a new NAC solution will provide, we can talk about three main factors that will make the investments of companies effective:


You're in Control

The world-famous children's book writer Dr. As Seuss said, 'Only you can control your future. If you cannot control the devices on your network, you cannot control your network. An uncontrollable network causes uncontrollable business losses. A NAC solution that allows you to control all your networks (wired, wireless, VPN, cloud, and virtual) and fine-tuned access is a solution that allows you to keep the ropes in your hands. Also, your network specialist will thank you for lowering your stress level.


Ability to See Everything During Your Network Access

In a Riverbed survey, 150 network engineers stated that they were experiencing difficulties due to their lack of full visibility into devices and applications. As can be guessed, no company wants to lose money due to disruptions in business processes. Another striking result obtained in the same survey is that network, and implementation weakness in US federal agencies cost $ 1 million per hour in productivity.

Full network visibility increases productivity. It is usual for IT teams to have difficulty controlling many devices trying to access the corporate network, which is not limited to devices they know. The biggest problem is determining whether to access guests' devices or devices that appear legitimate but aren't working. Any device connected to a network can find a way to access your data, your precious jewelry. This situation puts your IT professionals under constant stress.


Incredibly Easy to Use

Implementing and managing the NAC solution you need is not as difficult as you think. The solutions you see as complex only require you to spend time checking your network.

'You cannot believe the ease of use you will experience with NAC solutions that Portnox will offer you.

We promise you about.

Portnox's solutions do not require administrators to deal with the troubles that may arise, allow device access add or remove situations, and have the necessary flexibility to accommodate ever-changing risk profiles. Therefore, with the motto 'Control is easy,' you will ensure your business processes and comfort.

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