Zero Trust Data Protection

Zero Trust Data Protection


Traditional security models working on the assumption that 'everything on an organization's network is reliable' are now becoming obsolete due to the complexity of increasing attacks and the dangers posed by insider threats on networks.

Although designed to defend the business environment, traditional security structures cannot see threats from within, so the red alert status automatically turns green. Insider threats can also move seamlessly across the network and easily take sensitive and valuable data out of the network without administrators' knowledge. You can guess that; these vulnerabilities are the main source of the worst data leakage threat.

New methods of business operations also increase this threat. Companies are not centralized as they used to be; corporate data centers are very complex systems in contrast with this reality. However, the potential risks increase when the different user profiles can access data with applications running on different devices in the company or the cloud. Operating on this expanded data exchange network can result in the loss of employees' or customer's data.

A Whole New Approach Is Now Available To Solve These Major Problems

 Zero Trust Data Protection with GTB

The Zero Trust model offered by GTB produces solutions with the assumption of internal security based on the principle of 'Never Trust, Always Verify!'

Zero Trust trusts neither the user nor the device; it works with the belief that there is always an external device (someone, of course) trying to steal data.

In addition to more authentication layers for users and their devices, Zero Trust also detects and highlights abnormal movements within the network. Therefore, Zero Trust processes user commands with behavioral tokens to indicate a threat to data security. So the technology ensures anyone reaches the system does not create any danger in this way.

The best solution for companies that want to move from the cybersecurity approach to a more potent Zero Trust model is the new generation of Smart DLP technologies. This technology applies smart algorithms to data loss protection, allowing system administrators to monitor all actions related to threatened company information and protect data.