Organizational Security Starts in Your Corporate Network

Organizational Security Starts in Your Corporate Network


Attacks to ransom a firm have become the most common cybersecurity threats. In recent years, such attacks have increased significantly. Cyberattacks have been affected nearly 300,000 computers worldwide, such as the WannaCry and NotPetya attacks that we saw in the headlines in 2017.

With the increase of ransomware attacks, many companies are trying to keep their cybersecurity and authentication applications up to date to prevent cybercriminals. But most companies are struggling to fight as they lack network visibility, which is why IoT and BYOD penetrations remain vulnerable to threats.

Therefore, Portnox recommends implementing a layered ransomware defense, response, and remediation plan on the corporate network.


What Kind of Plan?

• All network visibility must have the ability to combine with all managed and unmanaged endpoints, including IoT and BYOD.

• Provide the ability to control access to files, resources, data, and remote maintenance functionality.

• It should also include the ability to isolate or block infected devices to control side attacks.

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Entirely, an effective cyber-blackmail scheme should include tools that enable behavioral detection, prevent access to files and file changes, recover files, and defend against ransomware, such as antivirus and anti-ransomware. For comprehensive ransomware protection and remediation, the solution combines all of them. Portnox offers its users a holistic ransomware solution that includes all of these features, including discovery, exploitation, and remediation. Portnox's solution stands out with its smooth implementation even in the most complex networks and security architectures to find data from other sources.



Attackers first decide how to deceive people and to investigate public information about the target. In this case, Portnox solutions provide a real-time view of all network elements; Thus, companies can understand the risk level and detect vulnerabilities early. They can perform security updates such as isolating endpoints believed to be high risk by suspending them until they reach the network. Also, Portnox offers the opportunity to see the weakest points of the corporate network, namely IoT devices. Thus, CISOs, network administrators, and IT teams can locate IoT devices on the network and store them in a separate VLAN network with limited access.



At this point, hackers use the information obtained during discovery to attack vulnerable endpoints, users, and various network areas. Solutions provided by Portnox work with third-party security providers to actively identify anomalies. Complete communication between Portnox and these providers ensures seamless matching of ratings. The system ensures that endpoints, including IoT devices, are kept continuously under protection according to the specified features. When Portnox solutions detect a change in the state of an endpoint, it also informs network administrators how to fool a potential breach. The administrator can then adapt the device to security policies or isolate it until the necessary security measures are taken. 

Despite having all the necessary and correct solutions, ransomware may be exposed from time to time. At this stage, the cyber attacker who installed the ransomware can fully control the company's system and use it as it wishes. Thus, the cyber attacker can freeze all of the company's data and demand a ransom to reactivate access ('crypto-rocker attacks'), as seen in some recent ransomware attacks.


Improvement Possible

A quick remediation plan not only prevents further damage or the spread of the attack but also ensures business continuity.


What Does Portnox Provide?

Automatic patch updates on the network: Applies necessary patch, antivirus, operating system, and application updates to managed and unmanaged endpoints, both internally and externally.

• The ability to react instantly: It breaks ransomware incidents by removing endpoints from the network without the need for any manual action.

• Provides solutions by descending to the technical specification level in many areas such as device type, operating system, antivirus software version, switch position. Finally, it automatically handles transactions on all devices and locations.

• Portnox increases IT specialists and network administrators' authority by providing remote intervention to employees' devices. Also, IT professionals can create an effective incident response plan for any device based on network capabilities.

As a result, ransomware and malware are among the most critical cybersecurity threats today. For this reason, it is an inevitable fact that it is necessary to significantly increase corporate security by using the right solutions for such attacks due to their frequent and extensive nature. With its network access control solutions, Portnox helps companies manage network security, ensure business continuity, secure company assets, and avoid unforeseen financial losses.