GTB Technologies, a leader in data protection, offers various data security solutions for the world's largest corporations and companies. GTB Technologies, which proactively protects data and stops violations with its own developed data-centric security solutions, provides enterprises and organizations with resistance against cyber threats.


GTB Technologies, which automatically and proactively prevents data loss and security breaches with security rules, prevents advanced threats targeting organizations and companies. GTB Technologies performs all necessary controls to prevent data loss by regularly analyzing existing data and ensuring corporate data security visibility.


Privileged access management Senhasegura continues its activities by being rated higher than many other PAM suppliers for its innovations in information technology.. Providing solutions to hundreds of customers around the world in the field of security, Senhasegura believes that applied technology is the key to increasing security.

With stopping privilege abuse from externally and internally before, during and after access by addressing the entire lifecycle of privileged access management,Senhasegura takes companies to the next level with its high quality UX operating modes and fast, comprehensive after sales support.


By offering next-gen network access control and management solutions, Portnox reduces enterprises' security risk and supports organizations to ensure compliance with security policies. Portnox stands out with its capabilities to provide automatic security, visibility, and control for almost any device on the network, as it has strategic partnerships with industry-leading organizations.

Capable of controlling, routing, and creating firewalls of all devices connected to the network, Portnox provides companies with a fast solution without requiring any infrastructure changes.


Dataspin enables protecting and masking for vital sensitive data on a single platform. In addition to security and control, you can hide, rearrange, encrypt and secure personal data with Dataspin, creating masking.

Dataspin, which provides a privacy solution for personal data management, is compatible with international laws such as CCPA, GDPR, LGDP, and KVKK. Dataspin offers a simple, scalable, and easy-to-use platform while successfully managing organizations' data privacy.


Ivanti helps professionals in the field of information technology solve security problems and optimize user experiences. Ivanti, with over 30 years of industry experience, offers a variety of software from asset management to information technology service and security. Ivanti is an ideal helper for businesses to take their information technology operations to the next level.

Providing automated solutions with its knowledge in technical processes, Ivanti avoids time-consuming manual processes that hinder productivity and personalizes the IT experience of in-house stakeholders.

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