Get full control over privileged account access and prevent security breaches!

Credential Management

Credential management is for centralized access management to protect and control the use of credentials. Access groups allow to define users who can collect the password or use remote access to access a device. Password collection or remote access can be performed through approval workflows.

  • Safe storage of credential information,
  • Defining groups for authorization level differences in access,
  • Flexibility in the approval process,
  • More than one user can request access to the same privileged account,
  • Time and/or view-based password change

SENHASEGURA Credential Management includes many features like the above.

Along with these features, requirements such as increasing security levels, compliance with security standards, secure password delivery guarantee, operational gain in password change process, or transparent authentication on the device can be easily achieved with SENHASEGURA's user-friendly interface.

Operational needs are met with overly privileged sessions to critical resources that allow attacks to occur. SENHASEGURA can create and automate tasks to eliminate direct access to infrastructure resources to reduce attack possibilities. It is possible with SENHASEGURA's Task Management module to define privileged tasks assigned to certain devices without the need for direct access to critical devices. This increases safety and productivity, while reducing operational risks.

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