Portnox was different with its visible, controlled, and dynamic VLAN-enabled solutions from all the technologies we reviewed. We evaluated thanks to the advantages it provided for our headquarters and our other branches. It was not difficult for us to decide in favor of Portnox.

  • Network Operations Director

With its headquarter and offices in Luxembourg, one of Europe's most powerful banks faced a constant balance of priorities for the needs like keeping financial data secure, meeting various regulatory and compliance requirements, and the wireless network access it provides its customers.


Needs and Targets

• Gaining the trust of customers by protecting privacy on the network

• Providing the required access for customers with full compliance advantage

• Gain the ability to detect and control any device's access to the network, regardless of the login section, access point, or VPN

• Providing management, visibility, and control from HQ for all branches and other banks

• Ensure that customer access is limited to specific and available VLAN (s)


Suggested Solution and Results

The bank chose Portnox to provide continuous and real-time control centrally of all devices actively connected to any part of the network. Besides, the use of HQ guest networks, quarantine, and other VLANs without IT resources has been enabled due to the access to remote branch networks and local configuration requirements due to the lack of IT staff in some remote branches.

The achievements obtained as a result of the cooperation with Portnox:

• Compliance policies have become applicable according to the user, device type, time, location IP, bandwidth and fingerprint usage,

• Fraudulent network access has been eliminated for all locations, so administrators can recognize that a device or user has committed unauthorized action or one of the compliance checks has failed

• Fraudulent devices have been blocked attempting to access the same port on the network to which a verified device is connected in a consolidated setup without blocking existing devices from logging in.

• The activation of the employee card's exit feature when a staff member closes the port when the job is finished, and the card's activation when it returns has been made smooth.

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