Time to Redefine Data Loss Prevention!

Time to Redefine Data Loss Prevention!


GTB Technologies Data Loss and Leak Prevention (DLP) Solution 

Today, DLP solutions are seen as popular applications that are outdated, inadequate for modern business needs, and generally do not match the realities of the industry. One of the best-known sources in the IT industry expressing this view is Gartner, the industry leader.

An analysis titled 'Time to Redefine Data Loss Prevention' examines the main features of DLP. The analysis argues that security and risk management leaders should abandon current data loss protection trends and "implement a holistic data security control strategy." This approach is the only way IT departments can provide "data protection throughout the information life cycle."

Gartner's article opposes current DLP and claims that solutions are not enough.

(GTB Technologies' customers are not included in this analysis, as the report is about 'Gartner Market Leaders'.)

Gartner Supports the Report With The Following Explanations

• Although the options for DLP solutions are increasing, companies still cannot find a solution to the communication problems between data owners and those responsible for managing DLP systems. Managers' selection of applications to automate DLP work can be a sign of this. This situation was the result of business-oriented applications rather than technology-oriented applications.

• Another challenge is to ignore the discovery and monitoring processes of data streams after the DLP platform's initial deployment. Focusing on these rigorous studies means that companies never realize the potential benefits of "deeper data analytics" or "implementation of appropriate data protection."

• One of the critical issues is that DLP technology is an 'advanced maintenance tool' that requires constant control and requires attention. IIn other words, DLP installations are not done as they should be, and something is missing. Firms say they continually have trouble calculating ROI for significant investments in DLP platforms.

The report, which strongly criticizes the current DLP solutions with the above explanations, also presents the critical approaches to solve the problems. When it comes to data loss management, Gartner suggests moving away from relying on technology and 'sharing responsibility' the DLP solutions that operate between companies' different components. The analysis says that, for better DLP access, the sector does not need to run away from technology; on the contrary, it can bring together suitable programs to solve it.

GTB's Smart DLP Solution WorksTM Designed For That

GTB's data loss prevention solutions offer a patented AI-based approach to managing sensitive data. This technology enables the existing platform to detect and match the network and does not depend on other solutions related to repair or maintenance processes. Thanks to the sensitivity, ease of use, and detection technology speed, Smart DLP enables processes to run more smoothly instead of occupying IT managers with errors and unnecessary work.

You can increase your productivity and gain a competitive advantage by performing successful works with Smart DLP. It is an invaluable privilege that GTB, one of the business partners of NSS, guarantees to provide security to its customers in an economical way.

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