What Are These NAC Solutions?

What Are These NAC Solutions?


Network-Based Access Control (NAC) solutions have been used since the early 2000s to approve and authorize access to the corporate network. When we look at past methods, although NAC solutions are a more reliable solution for access authentication and authorization based on device credentials, they need to adapt to the modern business environment undergoing digital transformation with technologies and methods such as BYOD, IoT, and the ever-growing mobile workforce.

PORTNOX, our solution partners, has published a new eBook and compiled the benefits of providing traditional NAC solutions such as authentication, authorization, and endpoint security assessments in the cloud for you. PORTNOX solutions have stood out in Gartner comparisons, received the best comments, and were honored with various awards.

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What's New with NAC Solutions

Pricing: Traditional NAC solutions work with port-based and one-time pricing. Next-generation NAC solutions, on the other hand, are available with subscription-based priced models.

Location: Traditional NAC solutions generally only control devices located within the company, while new generation network solutions monitor and control all devices on a network regardless of location.

Easy 802.1x: Easy 802.1x is a standard NAC solution that provides a simple deployment of authentication. It makes it easy for administrators to adopt reliable authentication devices in the corporate network without sacrificing security.

Automatic Control: New generation NAC solutions automatically perform controls according to the devices' risk levels instead of manually monitoring the managed endpoints.

Customization: System administrators can set access policies and restrict devices according to their capabilities. For example, it can establish a geographic control where the corporate network can be accessed from or restrict access from a particular operating system.

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Why Does Your Company Need Next-Generation NAC Solutions?

IT professionals often encourage company employees to use the technology and reap the financial benefits that come afterward. And then, they keep up to concern about the dangers that may arise in the company systems. While performing their work on digital transformation processes such as BYOD, IoT, and mobile workforce, they care more than ever about visibility and access controls. Next-generation NAC solutions provide network management visibility at all endpoints without using any tools and automatically limit or restrict access if they see a problem that may put the network at risk. Network access control is always more comfortable through a cloud service.

To meet all these needs, you can simplify the management of cyber risks in your company by using Portnox's CLEAR solution and have a cloud-based service that offers all the advantages of a SaaS solution as well as powerful access control and network visibility features.

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