Unmatched Session Monitoring

  HTTP(S) protocol rendering

Visual session playback for RDP, SSH, Telnet and HTTPs

  Take immediate action

Join, pause, terminate remote connections. Share sessions with anyone - all that from the convenience of a web browser.

  Supervise sessions proactively

Define regular expressions, assign them to policies and decide what to do when Fudo detects a matching sequence.

  HTTP protocol rendering

  Monitor access to online services with visual session playback. Substitute passwords to pre-defined websites or specify login page details.
  Patent pending.


   AI-powered prevention

  Detect any change in user behavior to prevent potential privileged account misuse within the first 60 seconds of the session.
  Receive automatic rating of sessions, based on detected anomalies.
  Be alerted about a surprisingly large number of connections or sessions that last longer than usual.